*** This Clinical Study was terminated, effective June 12, 2018, as further analyses of earlier Phase 2 Studies suggested "futility"... that is, no likely observable benefit.  The Study was not stopped due to any safety or side effects issues.  Please consider other Alzheimer's Clinical Studies, if you qualify

What follows is a brief summary of the Lilly DAYBREAK trial of a beta-secretase inhibitor designed to slow down the progression of disease for individuals with mild Alzheimer's due to Alzheimer's. 

  • Drug administration -- daily oral      

  • Age range -- 50-85

  • MMSE range -- 18-26

  • Study Duration -- 18 mos. + 18 month (opt.) extension

  • Target population -- Mild dementia                                                                         

  • Mechanism of action -- blocks formation of active beta amyloid protein (BACE inhibition)

  • Randomization split -- 1:1,  active:placebo

  • Type(s) of imaging -- brain MRI, amyloid PET

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