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The above-link to the MASS-ALA site contains a complete list of Assisted Living Facilities in Massachusetts.  It is searchable by location/region. The information is comprehensive and educational regarding all aspects of assisted living. It provides generally neutral and unbiased information.

  • AL facilities are NOT Nursing Homes. Think of them as communal private residences. For example, it is not the AL facility's responsibility to provide medication lists for their Residents when they visit a doctor.
  • Except for a very limited number of living units at just a few locations, all AL facilities are private pay. Private LTC inurance will help.  Medicare and Medicaid do not generally cover costs of AL facilities
  • AL facilities operate as "Residential" not "Medical" facilities. Many people have misconceptions regarding the level of medical care provided at AL facilities, may be surprised by a la carte costs for such services.
  • As relates to Alzheimer's, different stages of disease will require different AL living arrangements (units), often available within a given AL campus, as care  and safety needs increase with inevitable disease progression.
  • AL facilities are a person's home. If needed, Hospice/Palliative Care can rendered at AL facilities.

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